Unitary enterprise “Institute of Mining Automatics”

Unitary enterprise “Institute of Mining Automatics”


  The main focus of Unitary enterprise “Institute of Mining Automatics” is development, production and supply of conveyor transport control systems, mining machines and equipment for processing of minerals. A wide range of developed automated control systems allows to satisfy any customer's needs./span>

Unitary enterprise “Institute of Mining Automatics” develops and manufactures:

- control systems of rollers pressers ;
- control systems of conveyor transport;
- control systems of scraper reclaimers;
- compact control stations of electric drives of heading and winning complexes in explosion-proof design;
- control stations with a cushion start in explosion-proof design;
- высоковольтные ячейки;
- electromagnetic starters in explosion-proof design ;
- LED mine head-lamps in explosion-proof designе;
- LED pit candles in explosion-proof design.

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  Experts of Unitary enterprise “Institute of Mining Automatics” have great experience in designing and production of the equipment mentioned above, which allows to maintain an exceptionally high technical level of all products. NPO private unitary enterprise Unitary enterprise “Institute of Mining Automatics” provides warranty and post-warranty service of produced equipment.

The list of works and services constituting the licensed activity:

- designing
- production
- assembly
- alignment
- repair .
- Diagnostics of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities where mining works are in progress as well as underground operations: electrical products (mining electrical products in explosion-proof design and electric parts of machines and mechanisms in explosion-proof design (group according to GOST 12.2.020), mining electrical products in normal design (according to GOST 24754).


Kozlova str 69, 223710, Soligorsk, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus.
email: iga@iga.by, sol_iga@mail.ru

Sevruk Pavel
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email: sevruk@iga.by

Chief accountant
Meleshko Tatyana
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email: bg@iga.by

Chief engineer
Aleshkevich Mihail
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